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mercredi 10 décembre 2014 / Catégories: Langues, Anglais

Empathy in the Making: How social cognition can be fostered in learning disabled students through the use of Gestalt oriented practices

Sybille Blitgen

I start my thesis by outlining my rationale for this choice of topic and what my aims and objectives were when I started researching the link between empathy and learning. This is followed by Chapter 2, which deals with some theoretical frameworks necessary to
understand the human body’s reaction to miscommunication as well as the relevance of physiological as well as psychological needs
in order to create any sort of learning. Chapter 3 includes all the necessary information on neurosciences and education relevant to understand the origins of learning disabilities and how to cater for those students successfully and without too many behavioural
disruptions. It also sheds light on psychosomatic issues of learning disabilities and introduces the topic of mirror neurons and
their relevance to learning in general. This chapter also includes an explanation of the brain’s working mechanisms in order to
highlight how learning is created and, above all, what provokes no learning to take place. The last chapter analyses whether the
methods and frameworks described were useful and practical, or if some roader changes need to be taken into consideration. Furthermore, it will also provide you with a roadmap for the future, in which I try to demonstrate how learning could be made more
attractive for students in general, but for students with learning disabilities specifically.

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