my dystopian reality – my dystopian future? An analysis of the relation between dystopian fiction, the realities experienced by a teenage readership today-and the role this plays in shaping their visi

by Frommen Jens-Christian

This research paper sets out on the premise that the dystopias of the past have largely become the realities of today. It will study to which extent the texts, past and present, draw upon the real political, societal, technological and ideological developments of their time. It aims to show the link between fictional dystopias and the world their readers live in, by means of various literary theories, drawing on historical examples, and analysing current predictions for what lies ahead. To...
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Narration and the Visual Arts in Four Works of Contemporary Fiction

by Wilwers Vincent

Aim of the "travail de candidature" The "travail de candidature", or disserta/on focuses on the interac/on of the visual arts and fic/on in three contemporary novels and one collec/ons of short stories. Its aim is to study how writers engage with existent works of art and how they face the aesthe/c challenge of transla/ng images into language. It will more specifically outline the literary strategies they fashion in order to do so. The four selected works men/on real...
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An analysis of interculturality in English language courses at Luxembourg’s Institut National des Langues

Krämer Fabian

This thesis tries to analyze to what extent interculturality plays a role in English courses for adults in Luxembourg and aims to show how additional self-created material dealing with this subject can be implemented into such courses. In the first chapter, the thesis provides the theoretical framework through examining various interpretations of the notions of “culture” and “interculturality” in general and related to (English) language teaching. Scientists in this...
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History, Postmodernism and Fiction: A Reading of Three Novels Thomas Pynchon’s V., W.G. Sebald’s Austerlitz, and Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day

by Neiertz Stéphanie

This ‘travail de candidature’ (TC) aims to argue that the narrativization of official historical records moves history closer to the realm of fiction. Historical accounts may not always be as objective and as coherent as the plot-structure makes them seem. Problems of whose truth is represented, of what is omitted, and of unreliable memory, must be considered. Hence, the argument centres upon the fact that the narrativization of official historical records moves history closer to...
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H.G. Wells, the Empire, and the food chain reversed

by Weber Ralph

This travail de candidature will discuss Herbert George Wells’s intentions behind his early works. First, it will provide some key biographical information about the author and present the historical context. Then, it will place Wells’s persona within society of the British Empire and touch upon various elements which motivated his writing. In particular, it will focus on the intertwined roles of science, religion and social issues discussed in his works. After the introductory...
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by Gilson Martine

The project aims to determine the benefits and effects of mindfulness, such as meditation and general awareness of our body’s reactions to situations, for students in today’s school system. To this end, I explored a variety of mindful activities with a class of students, stressing active participation, but also providing some background information, and soliciting ongoing feedback from students. General student satisfaction was also measured at the beginning and at the end. The...
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Blogging in the classroom: a constructivist approach to teaching writing skills

by Reinig Marguerite

Blogging in the classroom is a project that used regular blogging activities as a basis to create an autonomous classroom where the learners play a central role as content producers and peer reviewers. By making the learners responsible for their own website and its content, they not only acquired the necessary ICT skills to do so, but they also had to learn how to choose topics to write about, how to research information online, and how to write for an audience. By doing this, the learners...
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by Zoller Tessy

Language teaching and multilingualism go hand in hand in Luxembourg. The present paper is attempting to analyse the connection between the two. It intends to find out how the languages present in the learners’ minds interact and what influence these synergies have on English grammar acquisition (syntax and morphology). The theoretical framework is going to be set by the findings of current research on crosslinguistic influence (CLI, i.e. the influence of the knowledge of one language...
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Reclaiming Lawrence for 21st Century Feminism? Sexuality, Society, and Female Agency in D.H. Lawrence's Works.

by Wagner Philipp

The objective of this thesis is not to determine whether Lawrence was a feminist or not. Rather, it aims to explore whether Lawrence’s works can be re-examined with a modern feminist approach and if his works therefore should be included in the modern literary feminist canon. By analysing a broad range of Lawrence’s work including his novels, short stories and poetry, several traits that define Lawrence’s work such as motherhood, the gaze, and sex will be re-evaluated under...
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Socially dead but biologically alive: Reading the Slave, the Handmaid and the Clone as Agambian Bare Life

by Spanier Michèle

My thesis, “Socially dead but biologically alive: Reading the Slave, the Handmaid and the Clone as Agambian Bare Life”, focuses on the experiences of the disenfranchised main characters in Toni Morrison’s Beloved, Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go. It analyses the connection between (the treatment of) the racialised (Beloved), the conceivable (The Handmaid’s Tale) and the cloned (Never Let Me Go) body in the...
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“Where there is power, there is resistance” 1 Dominance and defiance of body and mind under the state of exception in dystopian literature

by Kutten Diane

In the following thesis, I examine the power relations that arise between an authoritarian government and its subjects during and after the establishment of a state of exception. In the first chapter, I explore how the individual’s voice is silenced through the dominance that is exerted upon him/her, only to be replaced by the voice of those in power. Textual analysis of four novels – George Orwell’s 1984, Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, J.M....
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Post-apocalypse and Post-truth: Working with Atwood’s Speculative Fiction to Develop Learners’ Critical Reading Abilities in Connection with Modern Media

by Arend Carolyn

We are living in a rapidly evolving digital world in which teenagers spend a significant amount of time in contact with some form of media. This constant input makes it difficult for them to cut through the thick fog of truth and make-belief they encounter daily. What is more, young people are often not even aware of their own media consumption or how the media that surrounds them might be manipulating the information they get from it. They do not really learn to critically assess the media...
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