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History, Postmodernism and Fiction: A Reading of Three Novels Thomas Pynchon’s V., W.G. Sebald’s Austerlitz, and Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day

by Neiertz Stéphanie

This ‘travail de candidature’ (TC) aims to argue that the narrativization of official historical records moves history closer to the realm of fiction. Historical accounts may not always be as objective and as coherent as the plot-structure makes them seem. Problems of whose truth is represented, of what is omitted, and of unreliable memory, must be considered. Hence, the argument centres upon the fact that the narrativization of official historical records moves history closer to...

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Post-apocalypse and Post-truth: Working with Atwood’s Speculative Fiction to Develop Learners’ Critical Reading Abilities in Connection with Modern Media

by Arend Carolyn

We are living in a rapidly evolving digital world in which teenagers spend a significant amount of time in contact with some form of media. This constant input makes it difficult for them to cut through the thick fog of truth and make-belief they encounter daily. What is more, young people are often not even aware of their own media consumption or how the media that surrounds them might be manipulating the information they get from it. They do not really learn to critically assess the media...

VICTORIAN METAMORPHOSES Analysing Nineteenth-Century Anxieties of Degeneration in British Fantastic Novels after 1859.

Goergen Mike

This study validates that the concept of metamorphosis served as a trope in nineteenth-century post-Darwinian fiction to display and explore anxieties of degeneration. Part I provides three historical investigations crucial to understand the literary analyses in the second part. In Part II three different genres of Victorian fiction and their respective ways of employing the concept of metamorphosis to exhibit anxieties of degeneration support Part I. First, a linguistic investigation of...

A study of methodologies for reading fiction in class with language learners

Laurence Gérard

The study examines students‟ reactions to five different ways of reading fiction in the classroom. It also examines students‟ and teachers‟ opinions on reading in general, motivation and the different ways of working with fiction in the classroom.

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