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Are we living in the World State?

Thoss Charles

This ‘travail de candidature’ discusses Aldous Huxley’s landmark novel Brave New World, written in 1931. Huxley presents the vision of a seemingly ideal society, the World State, in which nobody suffers from hunger, war or even rejection, but where everyone is living a carefree life. This first impression is, however, shattered when Bernard Marx, one of the protagonists, is introduced. Unlike the other World Staters, Bernard is cynical and bitter; and one of the few who can...

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Translating Pain

Gieres Michel

This dissertation focuses on the link between Romantic and modern writing. Ideas and concepts encountered within De Quincey’s Confessions of an English OpiumEater, Suspiria de Profundis and The English MailCoach as well as Wordsworth’s Prelude can also be found in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. Thus, Conrad is largely indebted to both De Quincey and Wordsworth’s perceptions of the world. Within this framework, the dissertation concentrates on how the idea of...

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The Dislocated City. Revisiting the Urban Space in Modern Teenage Fiction

Giampaolo Viviane

1. Research Objectives In my thesis I will examine the role of urban space in contemporary young adult literature. This research will focus primarily on the city of London, a metropolis with its own distinctive landmarks and characteristics inherent to the city landscape. This study will concentrate more precisely on the several ways in which the city is deformed into an imaginary space and how it transplants its characters into an unfamiliar setting, forcing them to act and react in...

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An evaluation of CLIL as an approach to developing academic writing in English language teaching.

by Laura Baldelli

In order to succeed in their studies and beyond, students need to develop what is called academic language, a formal variety of language used to treat abstract ideas and concepts. This project seeks to determine whether Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) can be used to design an instructive course which teaches 3e students this style of writing while at the same time developing their culture générale.   This study starts by reviewing the literature on academic...

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The much-dreaded but little-known people called Female Detectives': A selective study in detection of amateur and professional female sleuths prowling the 1860s.


Abstract This travail de candidature investigates female detectives – both amateur and professional - in the works of (mainly) mid-Victorian authors. The overall goal of the study is not only to generate critical and popular interest in these works and the genre of crime fiction, but also to portray these female sleuths as unique and intriguing characters. These first female investigators went against the grain of the ‘Angel of the House’ – the standard ideology of...

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How can Content and Language Integrated Learning be implemented in English classes in the secondary schools of Luxembourg?