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Narration and the Visual Arts in Four Works of Contemporary Fiction

by Wilwers Vincent

Aim of the "travail de candidature" The "travail de candidature", or disserta/on focuses on the interac/on of the visual arts and fic/on in three contemporary novels and one collec/ons of short stories. Its aim is to study how writers engage with existent works of art and how they face the aesthe/c challenge of transla/ng images into language. It will more specifically outline the literary strategies they fashion in order to do so. The four selected works men/on real...

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Short Stories - An appealing educational tool in the development of writing skills in the EFL classroom.

by Rausch Nancy

Writing in a second or foreign language can represent a daunting challenge for many students, and helping them overcome the fear of the white blank page is a teacher’s role inside the English foreign language (EFL) classroom. A clear understanding of the processes involved in language development and acquisition should be the starting point for practitioners when planning and implementing any projects to further this productive skill. With that knowledge in mind, selecting an...

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