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FLIPPED CLASS PRESENTATIONS Fostering EFL students' English speaking skills through video presentations in a flipped presentation context

by Heusbourg Michèle

The aim of this travail de candidature (TC dissertation) was to evaluate the practice of video presentations in a flipped classroom context in various classes from the students' as well as the teachers' perspective. Objectives • Explore whether and in which form the video presentation tasks can easily be implemented without major changes into the teaching routine. • Determine whether video presentations can be used to foster speaking skills at any (especially early) stage...

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Critical Tweeting in the Classroom - Conducting research, sharing results and creating a knowledge base through ICT

Luc Huberty

  Research objectives   The idea behind the proposed topic for a travail de candidature revolves around making productive use of modern-day informatics technology in- and outside the traditional classroom environment. As technology has become an integral part of a teenage learner’s life, often accompanying the student from the moment they wake up until the end of the day, the question arises whether and how IT could make a meaningful contribution towards allowing a...

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