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lundi 6 août 2018 / Catégories: Langues, Anglais

The Eternal Allure of Immortality From Dracula to Edward: The Evolution of the Vampire Figure and its Undying Appeal to the Modern-Day Reader

Simon Jennifer

The Vampire: a dangerous predator yet so alluring and seducing. Over the last few

decades, the fascination for the ancient myth of the vampire has increased significantly.

Highly adaptable to the needs of any society, the original image of the mythological vampire

has undergone several changes to adjust to the demands of modern-day society. The

vampire’s adaptability to contemporary society also makes vampire fiction suitable for the

teaching of English as a second language, more so in relation with topics such as Aspects of

Society or the Media, which are a part of the curriculum. Moreover, in the age of multimedia,

it is essential to include a vast range of media into our teaching. As the collection of

adaptations of the vampire myth includes numerous books, book series, TV shows, films and

even musicals, it provides the perfect ground for in-class implementation as well as a new,

modern literary perspective away from the traditional Canon of literary works.

As the list of book series and films featuring vampires has become seemingly endless

and, still, their success does not seem to see the slightest decrease, the question remains why

the vampire represents such an ample inspiration for the modern-day writer and exerts such

an indescribable attraction on the modern reader and what might be the cause of its undying


In the first chapter of this thesis, I will analyse the development of the Vampire from

Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which can be seen as a milestone in the evolution of the vampire

figure as we know it today, to its more recent adaptations, such as Anne Rice’s Vampire

Chronicles or Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga.

The second chapter of this thesis will investigate the various reasons for the

incredible fascination the vampire figure inspires in the reader, especially in the modern-day

reader. The question that I seek to answer is why the vampire has seen its revival at the turn

of the century and remains immortal through the ever growing demands of the modern-day

reader. Different explanations for this allure, such as the vampire’s high adaptability, the

fascination for and the power of blood, escapism as well as the everlasting human struggle

for immortality and eternal youth and beauty, will be taken into account.

All in all, I will establish that these various factors have contributed to the vampire’s

survival into the twenty-first century as well as succeeded in making the vampire immortal

through his success with the modern-day reader and audience.

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