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lundi 13 août 2018 / Catégories: Langues, Anglais

Developing MElang-E: an Erasmus + Project

Schiltz Sarah

The aim of my “travail de candidature” is to describe and analyse the work I have done for the development of the
Erasmus + project “MElang-E” from 2015-2017.
This paper starts with a description of the project and it then explains and analyses the development of the
theoretical background on which it is based, as well as the reflections and discussions behind its pedagogical
Secondly, this paper describes the development of the background story and the characters found in the online
MElang-E game.
The third part consists of my involvement in the creation and implementation of MElang-E by referring to my
work which focused on the development of the Luxembourg chapter of the game in collaboration with my students,
as well as on the elaboration of the teacher material.
The final part of this paper talks about and analyses MElang-E as a real-life experience, i.e. a student exchange with
Canet de Mar (Spain) that I organized.
The conclusion attempts to link the experiences I have gathered during this project with my personal development
as a language teacher.