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Financial performance analysis of Luxembourgish sports federations: How to deal with increasing governance requirements and declining volunteer resources

Schmitz Liz

The study was designed to provide a qualitative assessment of the
strengths of non-profit sports organizations and the challenges they face in
their capacity to achieve their missions. The thesis is divided into four main
parts. The literature review of the non-profit sports domain is followed by a
presentation of the methods used in the study. Guided by the model of
organizational capacity developed by Hall et al. (2003) that essentially
distinguishes between three types of capacity the thesis highlights the
external and internal factors supporting and limiting the organizational
potential of Luxembourgish sports entities. The final part consists of multiple
recommendations to improve the organizations’ current financial, human
resources, and structural capacity. The analysis and the suggestions are
partly based on interview extracts.
This study aims at finding answers to the following questions:
• What external factors influence Luxembourgish sports clubs and
federations positively and negatively in achieving their goals?
• What do Luxembourgish sports clubs and federations consider
as their strengths?
• What do Luxembourgish sports clubs and federations perceive
as their weaknesses?
• What are the challenges that Luxembourgish sports clubs and
federations need to overcome in the future?
• What external and internal determinants can improve the current
situation of Luxembourgish sports clubs and federations?

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