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mercredi 10 décembre 2014 / Catégories: Langues, Anglais

A critical analysis of the fictional representation of an old woman reviewing her life

Myriam Ansay

The introduction deals with the theoretical concepts of this dissertation. It is followed by the analysis of the three novels which are not treated in chronological order but according to the type of narrative they offer. In the conclusion, comparisons are drawn between the different protagonists with reference to the theory provided in the first chapter.

The analysis of three novels reveals that the oppositional perspective of these three exceptionally beautiful and intellectual women highlights the social injustices of their background. In the present-day context, they struggle with the progressing disintegration of their body but a feeling of wholeness can be achieved through remembering their past embodied identities. The narrators are inevitably unreliable since their reviews are subjective and manipulated (sub)consciously by them to achieve a healthier narrative self. In the case of dementia, the failure of the interlocutor to help reconstruct the narrative of the patient has life-threatening consequences for the affected person. Not all traumatic events can be re-integrated into a life story, but this does not mean that the person cannot find mental peace.

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