Penmanship/Handwriting in the Classroom - Will computer technology replace penmanship in the classroom?

by Zeniti Ali

lundi 6 août 2018/Catégories: Travail de candidature, Branches, Sciences informatiques

Centrepiece is the analysis of the likelihood of a replacement of handwriting

as a tool used in today’s schools, from childhood to adolescents and around

yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s educational life. I will present an analysis

of uses of computer technology, of devices and resources. I will also present

limitations of today’s tools, along with emerging possibilities which have appeared

as a potential or factual replacement for handwriting. A goal of the candidate

work is to analyse and evaluate the use of computer technology for knowledge

acquisition and transfer. The analysis will focus on various uses of computer

infrastructure, devices and technology for taking notes, the preparation of lessons,

schooling, training, educating, before, during and after class. The analysis will

be run from the point of view of different players in education, in and outside


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