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The erotics of gender ambiguity in Shakespear's plays

Eliane Mergen

Many scholars agree that the Renaissance theatre, especially the theatrical transvestism and gender role reversal threatened the conventional categorization of the genders. If indeed most scholars agree on this statement, a question that one might ask is, how did Shakespeare use and portray desire to challenge aspects of social principles, such as the patriarchal social proscriptions? The first chapter, hence, will have a look at the culturespecific attitudes towards women, sexuality, and...

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The Female Characters in Shakespeare’s Comedies

Tessy Lommel

The aim of my ‘travail de candidature’ consists in analysing the female characters in Shakespeare’s comedies. Although Elizabethan women are usually considered to be victims as they led rather restricted lives in a patriarchal society, I want to prove that Shakespeare’s female characters were no victims but winning types. In order to prove this I will analyse what opportunities Shakespeare’s female protagonists had, to achieve a certain kind of freedom of...

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