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History, Postmodernism and Fiction: A Reading of Three Novels Thomas Pynchon’s V., W.G. Sebald’s Austerlitz, and Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day

by Neiertz Stéphanie

This ‘travail de candidature’ (TC) aims to argue that the narrativization of official historical records moves history closer to the realm of fiction. Historical accounts may not always be as objective and as coherent as the plot-structure makes them seem. Problems of whose truth is represented, of what is omitted, and of unreliable memory, must be considered. Hence, the argument centres upon the fact that the narrativization of official historical records moves history closer to...

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Reclaiming Lawrence for 21st Century Feminism? Sexuality, Society, and Female Agency in D.H. Lawrence's Works.

by Wagner Philipp

The objective of this thesis is not to determine whether Lawrence was a feminist or not. Rather, it aims to explore whether Lawrence’s works can be re-examined with a modern feminist approach and if his works therefore should be included in the modern literary feminist canon. By analysing a broad range of Lawrence’s work including his novels, short stories and poetry, several traits that define Lawrence’s work such as motherhood, the gaze, and sex will be re-evaluated under...

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Pirates as Heroes: Moral Ambiguity in Teenage Fiction

Chantal Schneider

The aim of this work is to analyse and discuss a number of children’s and young adult novels in the context of the topic of piracy and moral ambiguity.

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