“Are You Watching Closely?” The Representation of the Spectacular in Neo-Victorian Literature.

by Anne-Marie Dentzer

In my thesis I discuss the representation of the spectacle (circus and the music hall) and magic in neo-Victorian literature, juxtaposing reality to fiction, and traditional Victorian literature to neo-Victorian fiction. The themes of magic, spiritualism and entertainment have been quite popular in recent publications and my thesis mainly deals with the following neo-Victorian novels: Angela Carter’s, Nights at the Circus, Christopher Priest’s, The Prestige, Erin...
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Critical Tweeting in the Classroom

by Luc Huberty

Research objectives The idea behind the proposed topic for a travail de candidature revolves around making productive use of modern-day informatics technology in- and outside the traditional classroom environment. As technology has become an integral part of a teenage learner’s life, often accompanying the student from the moment they wake up until the end of the day, the question arises whether and how IT could make a meaningful contribution towards allowing a learner to acquire...
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by Philippe Havé

Visual language is a very important means of communication in the modern media society. The importance of photographs, for instance, has increased enormously over the last century. Given the significance of visual communication in real life, this thesis examines the role of visual material, and especially the visual arts, in English language teaching (ELT). Since it deals with films, photographs and paintings in the English classroom, the thesis also integrates findings and theories from the...
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Teaching English to Digital Natives - Harnessing the power of social networks and Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

by Anne Catherine Scheer

In September 2011, facebook claimed to have reached "more than 800 million active users1". At fixed times throughout the week I meet about 100 of them: they are my students. For them, as much as for me, the use of social networks and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become an integral part of our daily lives. A considerable part of the world population follows its innate need and desire for connectedness in this way, living out its primal tendency as a gregarious being to...
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Empathy in the Making: How social cognition can be fostered in learning disabled students through the use of Gestalt oriented practices

by Sybille Blitgen

This study argues that today’s learning disabilities largely stem from social and environmental causes, which are very often neglected in our schools to such an extent that classroom disruptions and behavioural problems are on a rapid increase. This travail focuses on neurosciences, empathy as well as mirror neurons and tries to shed light on how these components combined with Transactional Analysis as well as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs can provide useful tools to make...
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Reclaiming one’s own voice and identity – the African American slave narrative and its evolution

by Carole Sylvie Lahure

The trafficking of human beings for various purposes, such as forced labour or prostitution, is an institution that originated centuries ago; however, it is still of relevance today. Unfortunately, this atrocious phenomenon has not been eradicated from the surface of the Earth and even nowadays people are traded by others in order to increase their personal wealth and to exploit their peers. The slave trade lies at the heart of the African American issue with slavery and its repercussions...
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by Myriam Ansay

The scope of this dissertation is to investigate the representation of elderly women within our western context and the effects of late-life review on their psychological well-being. Elderly women are recurrently portrayed as doubly OTHER in our society, ‘other’ to youth and ‘other’ to men, and are thus subjected to both ageist and sexist stereotypes. The aim of this piece of work is to demystify such denigrating cultural preconceptions by analysing the old female...
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Pad-agogy: Working with mobile devices in a 1:1 laptop school

by Christian Welsch

Educators across the globe are looking for ways to improve learning and teaching in the Information Age. The consensus is that it would be truly revolutionary if students were able to fall back on a device that would accompany them in their learning and if this device could be easily taken with them, so that learning could potentially take place anytime, anywhere. ! This travail aims to carefully dissect how mobile devices can significantly enhance a 1:1 learning environment, with a focus...
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‘Mirror Mirror in the Book, May I Have a Closer Look?’: On mirrors and reflections in contemporary adolescent fiction

by jennifer Breithoff

The travail de candidature at hand will deal with the use of mirrors and reflections in three contemporary teenage novels. The following works of fiction have been chosen for the purpose: The Mirror Image Ghost by Catherine Storr (1994, pre-adolescent), Black Mirror by Nancy Werlin (2001, teenage) and Mirror Mirror by Gregory Maguire (2003, young adult).

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Constructed Culture? - A critical analysis of the cultural content in ELT coursebooks used in Luxembourg

by Kim Heuskin

The aim of this thesis is to analyse and evaluate the cultural content in the New Headway Elementary (3rd edition) series and the impact that it has on English language learning and teaching in Luxembourg. Used widely both in the ES as well as the EST, the coursebook reaches a large number of learners and therefore, I would argue that it is of crucial interest to identify its ideological and cultural messages.
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by Eliane Mergen

Many scholars agree that the Renaissance theatre, especially the theatrical transvestism and gender role reversal threatened the conventional categorization of the genders. If indeed most scholars agree on this statement, a question that one might ask is, how did Shakespeare use and portray desire to challenge aspects of social principles, such as the patriarchal social proscriptions? The first chapter, hence, will have a look at the culturespecific attitudes towards women, sexuality, and...
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Comparison between ‘dyslexic’ children from differing language backgrounds to see whether or not the language background has an effect on spelling strategies in French.

by Laurence Kalmes

The objective of this qualitative study in the domain of dyslexia is to determine whether there is a tendency for dyslexics from a particular language background to display similar spelling strategies when making spelling mistakes in French. One group of subjects is from a Luxembourgish language background where both parents speak Luxembourgish, and the other group is from a Romance language background where either one or both parents speak a Romance language (e.g. Portuguese, French,...
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