An evaluation of CLIL as an approach to developing academic writing in English language teaching.

by Laura Baldelli

In order to succeed in their studies and beyond, students need to develop what is called academic language, a formal variety of language used to treat abstract ideas and concepts. This project seeks to determine whether Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) can be used to design an instructive course which teaches 3e students this style of writing while at the same time developing their culture générale.   This study starts by reviewing the literature on academic...
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Analyzing and designing entrance exams for international classes. Revisiting the English Classes entrance exams at Lycée Michel Lucius


Over the last couple of years, Lycée Michel Lucius has considerably changed, offering new streams and different curricula to an increasingly diverse student population. The success of the school is obvious; every year, many students apply to the English Classes (IEC) at Interna-tional School Michel Lucius, a programme of study that is entirely taught in English. In order to enter the English classes, students have to sit an entrance exam that tests if they have the necessary language skills...
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Victorian Metamorhosis - From Caterpillar to Butterfly or from Butterfly to Caterpillar? Analysing Nineteenth Century Anxieties of Degeneration in British Fantastic Novels after 1859


This study validates that the concept of metamorphosis served as a trope in nineteenth-century post-Darwinian fiction to display and explore anxieties of degeneration. Part I provides three historical investigations crucial to understand the literary analyses in the second part. In Part II three different genres of Victorian fiction and their respective ways of employing the concept of metamorphosis to exhibit anxieties of degeneration support Part I. First, a linguistic investigation of...
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The much-dreaded but little-known people called Female Detectives': A selective study in detection of amateur and professional female sleuths prowling the 1860s.


Abstract This travail de candidature investigates female detectives – both amateur and professional - in the works of (mainly) mid-Victorian authors. The overall goal of the study is not only to generate critical and popular interest in these works and the genre of crime fiction, but also to portray these female sleuths as unique and intriguing characters. These first female investigators went against the grain of the ‘Angel of the House’ – the standard ideology of...
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Developing MElang-E, an Erasmus Plus Project


ABSTRACT The aim of my “travail de candidature” is to describe and analyse the work I have done for the development of the Erasmus + project “MElang-E” from 2015-2017. This paper starts with a description of the project and it then explains and analyses the development of the theoretical background on which it is based, as well as the reflections and discussions behind its pedagogical approach. Secondly, this paper describes the development of the background...
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Crossing Boundaries: From Private to public Space in Frankenstein, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and Dracula.


Abstract This dissertation focuses on what are probably the three most famous ‘monster stories’ of the 19th century: Frankenstein (1818), The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1886) and Dracula (1897). The aim of my research was to determine how information is shared or not shared within and across private, semi-private, and public spaces in the three novels, and how the different characters contribute to the production of those spaces. Almost all of the main...
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my dystopian reality – my dystopian future? An analysis of the relation between dystopian fiction, the realities experienced by a teenage readership today-and the role this plays in shaping their visi

by Frommen Jens-Christian

This research paper sets out on the premise that the dystopias of the past have largely become the realities of today. It will study to which extent the texts, past and present, draw upon the real political, societal, technological and ideological developments of their time. It aims to show the link between fictional dystopias and the world their readers live in, by means of various literary theories, drawing on historical examples, and analysing current predictions for what lies ahead. To...
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Narration and the Visual Arts in Four Works of Contemporary Fiction

by Wilwers Vincent

Aim of the "travail de candidature" The "travail de candidature", or disserta/on focuses on the interac/on of the visual arts and fic/on in three contemporary novels and one collec/ons of short stories. Its aim is to study how writers engage with existent works of art and how they face the aesthe/c challenge of transla/ng images into language. It will more specifically outline the literary strategies they fashion in order to do so. The four selected works men/on real...
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An analysis of interculturality in English language courses at Luxembourg’s Institut National des Langues

Krämer Fabian

This thesis tries to analyze to what extent interculturality plays a role in English courses for adults in Luxembourg and aims to show how additional self-created material dealing with this subject can be implemented into such courses. In the first chapter, the thesis provides the theoretical framework through examining various interpretations of the notions of “culture” and “interculturality” in general and related to (English) language teaching. Scientists in this...
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History, Postmodernism and Fiction: A Reading of Three Novels Thomas Pynchon’s V., W.G. Sebald’s Austerlitz, and Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day

by Neiertz Stéphanie

This ‘travail de candidature’ (TC) aims to argue that the narrativization of official historical records moves history closer to the realm of fiction. Historical accounts may not always be as objective and as coherent as the plot-structure makes them seem. Problems of whose truth is represented, of what is omitted, and of unreliable memory, must be considered. Hence, the argument centres upon the fact that the narrativization of official historical records moves history closer to...
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H.G. Wells, the Empire, and the food chain reversed

by Weber Ralph

This travail de candidature will discuss Herbert George Wells’s intentions behind his early works. First, it will provide some key biographical information about the author and present the historical context. Then, it will place Wells’s persona within society of the British Empire and touch upon various elements which motivated his writing. In particular, it will focus on the intertwined roles of science, religion and social issues discussed in his works. After the introductory...
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