VICTORIAN METAMORPHOSES Analysing Nineteenth-Century Anxieties of Degeneration in British Fantastic Novels after 1859.

by Goergen Mike

This study validates that the concept of metamorphosis served as a trope in nineteenth-century post-Darwinian fiction to display and explore anxieties of degeneration. Part I provides three historical investigations crucial to understand the literary analyses in the second part. In Part II three different genres of Victorian fiction and their respective ways of employing the concept of metamorphosis to exhibit anxieties of degeneration support Part I. First, a linguistic investigation of...
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Analysing and Designing Entrance Exams for International Classes

by Frising Nora

Over the last couple of years, Lycée Michel Lucius has considerably changed, offering new streams and different curricula to an increasingly diverse student population. The success of the school is obvious; every year, many students apply to the English Classes (IEC) at Interna-tional School Michel Lucius, a programme of study that is entirely taught in English. In order to enter the English classes, students have to sit an entrance exam that tests if they have the necessary language skills...
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by Feiereisen Conny

Teaching my 2eD from 2015-16 was rather daunting and challenging for me. I had never had a class before in which nobody spoke up or raised their hand to contribute to the lesson. I was facing twenty-eight learners, intelligent and academically successful, including seven whom I had already taught in 4e and 3e the previous years, and who appeared to equally have lost their will to express their thoughts in class. I felt very lost and helpless. How could I prepare them for their 1e if...
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‘The much-dreaded but little-known people called Female Detectives’: A selective study in detection of amateur and professional female sleuths prowling the 1860s.

by Muller Michèle

This travail de candidature investigates female detectives – both amateur and professional - in the works of (mainly) mid-Victorian authors. The overall goal of the study is not only to generate critical and popular interest in these works and the genre of crime fiction, but also to portray these female sleuths as unique and intriguing characters. These first female investigators went against the grain of the ‘Angel of the House’ – the standard ideology of the model...
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Managing mixed-ability classrooms in lower levels of the EST by increasing student autonomy

by Larosche Christine

The following Travail de candidature is based on a sequence of lessons held at the Lycée Technique de Bonnevoie in a 9STP. The sequence of lessons focuses on the development of students’ self-guided learning to foster their autonomy. Especially in hindsight of 9ième being a crucial year for the students’ educational future and in facing a mixed ability classroom where students have different needs and abilities. The following methods are going to be applied o...
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Diplôme d'accès aux études supérieures (DAES) - The path to designing a viable English course

by Krack Christine

The aim of my research project is to document the process of designing the structure and content for the English course to be implemented in the final year in the framework of the diplôme d'accès aux études supérieures (DAES) in the École de la deuxième chance (E2C). The project also has the objective to provide a ready-to-use lesson sequence including methods and material. First of all, I examine the origins of the DAES and explain this new diploma in the Luxembourg education...
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‘A system of vast circumferences circling round the minute neighbouring points of home’ – An Ecocritical Approach to Edward Thomas’ England

by Pesch Chris

The aim of this thesis consists in reading the poetry of Edward Thomas from an ecocritical perspective. As a lover of nature who died in World War I, his views on England, the country he felt he had to defend, are of particular interest when approaching his poetry. The thesis is divided into six chapters, each looking at different aspects related to an ecocritical study of his poetry about England: the history of the pastoral mode and the English countryside in the first two chapters, the...
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Crossing Boundaries: From Private to Public Space in Frankenstein, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and Dracula

by Toussaint Marguerite

This dissertation focuses on what are probably the three most famous ‘monster stories’ of the 19th century: Frankenstein (1818), The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1886) and Dracula (1897). The aim of my research was to determine how information is shared or not shared within and across private, semi-private, and public spaces in the three novels, and how the different characters contribute to the production of those spaces. Almost all of the main characters spend a...
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The Eternal Allure of Immortality From Dracula to Edward: The Evolution of the Vampire Figure and its Undying Appeal to the Modern-Day Reader

by Simon Jennifer

The Vampire: a dangerous predator yet so alluring and seducing. Over the last few decades, the fascination for the ancient myth of the vampire has increased significantly. Highly adaptable to the needs of any society, the original image of the mythological vampire has undergone several changes to adjust to the demands of modern-day society. The vampire’s adaptability to contemporary society also makes vampire fiction suitable for the teaching of English as a second...
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An evaluation of the FOLA-lessons at the Atert Lycée Redange. Identifying success factors and areas for improvement towards better practice.

by Bernard Anne-Sophie

FOLA-lessons (Follow-up Learning Activities) at the Atert Lycée Redange consist of a number of weekly lessons in which students are expected to complete a series of tasks. These lessons are meant to reduce social inequality in order to provide students with equal opportunities to do their homework inside the school, especially for those who lack an adequate learning environment at home. In addition to this goal, quite a number of other aims and objectives were initially set for the...
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Mister Pip’s Great Expectations and Hard Times – Teachers, Authors, and the Art of Storytelling in Charles Dickens’s Hard Times and Lloyd Jones’s Mister Pip

by Petry Anouk

In this dissertation, I argue that an analogy can be drawn between the relationship of the teacher to his students and the author to his readers. Authority lies at the heart of both teaching and writing. I outline the parallels between teachers and authors at the hand of two concrete examples in literature; Charles Dickens’s Hard Times and Lloyd Jones’s Mister Pip. First, I compare the teacher characters in these novels to explore their different teaching...
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‘Something Wicked this Way Comes? Shakespeare's Weyward Sisters and their influence upon the figure of the witch in contemporary fantasy fiction.

by Zimmer Catherine

My thesis aims to analyse the ways in which William Shakespeare’s portrayal of his three sisters in Macbeth have influenced, within a broader intertextual realm, the depiction of the
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