The creation of an iBook for elementary English learners in an iPad classroom.

by Warnier Jessica

I. Research objectives This project focuses on the implementation of iPads in a 6e classique iPad class at the LTC. The objective is to create an ebook for elementary English learners which will function as the sole resource the students need. As traditional course books such as Headway or New English File lack task variety and opportunities for language acquisition at multiple levels of difficulty, it is the researcher’s goal to create her own book aiming to provide enough variety and...
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Of evil monks, vampires and zombies: how social and cultural crises from the French Revolution to 9/11 have affected the ever-changing face of the monstrous Other in the Gothic

by Martiny Laurent

In this thesis I will analyse and compare how the Gothic genre, in particular Gothic literature, has evolved, and how its representations of the monstrous other have been exposing Western society’s divided nature, including its repressed guilt, shame and fears. In the first part I will focus on the first wave of Gothic literature, which is marked by Protestant authors such as Matthew Lewis and Charles Maturin, whose novels The Monk (1796) and Melmoth the Wanderer (1820) clearly reflect...
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Potential for Greatness : Adopting Plurilingual Awareness Strategies in Secondary School Language Classrooms

by Bove Aisha

Plurilingual education is one of the priorities of contemporary Europe to meet the requirements of its plurilingual citizens. As a result of rising numbers of migration, Luxembourg’s student body incorporates a panoply of different languages, cultures and personal backgrounds that influence classroom interactions on a daily basis. This heterogeneity, coupled with a language-heavy curriculum, can have educational benefits for students. However, a deficiency in one or more of the...
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The Holocaust in John Boyne’s The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief – opportunities and limitations of a language teacher

by Medinger Jessy

At first, this thesis focusses on the representation of the Holocaust in two examples of young adult literature: Boyne’s The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and Zusak’s The Book Thief. Its aim is to highlight the approach both authors take in depicting the Holocaust and using it as a setting for their plot. It also raises the question of what importance the Holocaust as such plays in the eyes of the young adult reader. One of the methods used to explore this question will be a student...
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by Azzolin Isabelle

This thesis intends to take interest in and analyse how teaching gifted and highly talented students may provide new insights to teachers working in teenage education. To understand the concept of giftedness I need to analyse various aspects in terms of definitions and types of giftedness, difficulties as well as benefits to students and their teachers. Furthermore, I will analyse which criteria a school needs to accommodate classes for students with high potential. The first part of my...
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FLIPPED CLASS PRESENTATIONS Fostering EFL students' English speaking skills through video presentations in a flipped presentation context

by Heusbourg Michèle

The aim of this travail de candidature (TC dissertation) was to evaluate the practice of video presentations in a flipped classroom context in various classes from the students' as well as the teachers' perspective. Objectives • Explore whether and in which form the video presentation tasks can easily be implemented without major changes into the teaching routine. • Determine whether video presentations can be used to foster speaking skills at any (especially early) stage...
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Inclusion at high school level: between theory and practice.

by Kayser Anne

This thesis addresses the feasibility of inclusion and inclusive practice in ES/EST education. It aims to find out whether sensory impaired students can successfully be included in regular schools and become part of a school community through emotional belonging. This thesis consists of three different parts. In the first part, the theoretical framework of inclusion and inclusive practice is elaborated. Here, distinctions between the different education systems are...
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The Flipped Classroom - A viable path to a more differentiated learning process and more autonomous learning in Luxemburgish classrooms?

by Roch Jennifer

The present piece of research aims to look into the ways in which the concept of the flipped classroom can be implemented in the ELT classroom in Luxembourg, not only at beginners’ level, but also at upper-intermediate and advanced levels. The flipped classroom is a model that was pioneered by Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams, both chemistry teachers, who gradually came to the realization that the time when their students needed them most and could really profit from their presence...
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Deep learning. Maximizing the learning experience through Demand-High Teaching.

by Siebenmorgen Timo

  1. Research aims This research paper sets out to examine and put on show how deep learning can be implemented within a heterogeneous English foreign language (EFL) classroom. It will discuss how the concept of scaffolding, i.e. the balancing of challenge and support, can provide English language learners (ELL) with the necessary learning techniques (skills and ultimately strategies) that allow them to become autonomous learners in the process of lifelong learning....
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'Dear teacher, have I told you...' Fostering writing skills through the use of dialogue journals in the EFL classroom.

by Ronny van de Berg

1 Research aims Nowadays, a big percentage of the writing which teenagers and young adults produce in their everyday lives is interactive. They send each other text messages, discuss all kinds of things on internet forums and chat on social networks. This stands in stark contrast to the writing done in the EFL classroom, which focuses mainly on individual and separate writing. In fact, the end goal of most EFL courses is essay writing, a planned and formal piece of writing...
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Short Stories - An appealing educational tool in the development of writing skills in the EFL classroom.

by Rausch Nancy

Writing in a second or foreign language can represent a daunting challenge for many students, and helping them overcome the fear of the white blank page is a teacher’s role inside the English foreign language (EFL) classroom. A clear understanding of the processes involved in language development and acquisition should be the starting point for practitioners when planning and implementing any projects to further this productive skill. With that knowledge in mind, selecting an...
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Developing MElang-E: an Erasmus + Project

by Schiltz Sarah

The aim of my “travail de candidature” is to describe and analyse the work I have done for the development of the Erasmus + project “MElang-E” from 2015-2017. This paper starts with a description of the project and it then explains and analyses the development of the theoretical background on which it is based, as well as the reflections and discussions behind its pedagogical approach. Secondly, this paper describes the development of the background story and the...
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