‘A system of vast circumferences circling round the minute neighbouring points of home’ – An Ecocritical Approach to Edward Thomas’ England

by Pesch Chris

The aim of this thesis consists in reading the poetry of Edward Thomas from an ecocritical perspective. As a lover of nature who died in World War I, his views on England, the country he felt he had to defend, are of particular interest when approaching his poetry. The thesis is divided into six chapters, each looking at different aspects related to an ecocritical study of his poetry about England: the history of the pastoral mode and the English countryside in the first two chapters, the...
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Crossing Boundaries: From Private to Public Space in Frankenstein, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and Dracula

by Toussaint Marguerite

This dissertation focuses on what are probably the three most famous ‘monster stories’ of the 19th century: Frankenstein (1818), The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1886) and Dracula (1897). The aim of my research was to determine how information is shared or not shared within and across private, semi-private, and public spaces in the three novels, and how the different characters contribute to the production of those spaces. Almost all of the main characters spend a...
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The Eternal Allure of Immortality From Dracula to Edward: The Evolution of the Vampire Figure and its Undying Appeal to the Modern-Day Reader

by Simon Jennifer

The Vampire: a dangerous predator yet so alluring and seducing. Over the last few decades, the fascination for the ancient myth of the vampire has increased significantly. Highly adaptable to the needs of any society, the original image of the mythological vampire has undergone several changes to adjust to the demands of modern-day society. The vampire’s adaptability to contemporary society also makes vampire fiction suitable for the teaching of English as a second...
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An evaluation of the FOLA-lessons at the Atert Lycée Redange. Identifying success factors and areas for improvement towards better practice.

by Bernard Anne-Sophie

FOLA-lessons (Follow-up Learning Activities) at the Atert Lycée Redange consist of a number of weekly lessons in which students are expected to complete a series of tasks. These lessons are meant to reduce social inequality in order to provide students with equal opportunities to do their homework inside the school, especially for those who lack an adequate learning environment at home. In addition to this goal, quite a number of other aims and objectives were initially set for the...
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Mister Pip’s Great Expectations and Hard Times – Teachers, Authors, and the Art of Storytelling in Charles Dickens’s Hard Times and Lloyd Jones’s Mister Pip

by Petry Anouk

In this dissertation, I argue that an analogy can be drawn between the relationship of the teacher to his students and the author to his readers. Authority lies at the heart of both teaching and writing. I outline the parallels between teachers and authors at the hand of two concrete examples in literature; Charles Dickens’s Hard Times and Lloyd Jones’s Mister Pip. First, I compare the teacher characters in these novels to explore their different teaching...
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‘Something Wicked this Way Comes? Shakespeare's Weyward Sisters and their influence upon the figure of the witch in contemporary fantasy fiction.

by Zimmer Catherine

My thesis aims to analyse the ways in which William Shakespeare’s portrayal of his three sisters in Macbeth have influenced, within a broader intertextual realm, the depiction of the
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Gamification - Using design and game elements in the EFL classroom

by Glod Gilles

This thesis discusses the ways in which one of the basic human instincts – the urge to play – can be used in an EFL classroom to improve learners’ motivation, social skills and willingness to engage in language learning. My thesis focuses on three major aspects. First, in my lessons, I have implemented games as well as features that often form the core of games, such as rules of play, experience points, achievements, and the levelling up and customization of an avatar....
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Desperately Unrehearsed on the Global Stage. The case for drama in the Luxembourg curriculum

by Bintener Nathalie

The main object of this work is to make a case for drama in the Luxembourg curriculum for secondary schools. In my thesis I first of all analyse the concept of the curriculum and briefly describe its historical development in England and Luxembourg. I contend that the idea for drama in education is based on the long tradition for child-centred and creative education in England and backed by academic research. I further explain the current situation in England and touch upon more recent...
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To what extent can cooperative learning be successfully integrated into a conventional EFL classroom?

by Wilwert Martine

The following travail de candidature examines the key factors that are contributory to the successful integration of cooperative learning in the traditional EFL classroom. It looks at how my personal understanding of cooperative learning and my application of it in the classroom have developed over a period of three academic years (2012-2015). The main research questions are: 1. Which key factors are contributory to a successful integration of cooperative learning? 2. What evidence may...
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The Long Way Home…? Transforming the Fairy Tale – Medium, Genre, and the Metaphor of the Road

by Schreiner Laure

This study examines classic and post-modern feminist strands of literary fairy tale writing, and proposes the image of the palimpsest to articulate the different versions’ relation to each other. While the classic narratives provide the dominant marks on the palimpsest, they coexist, and indeed interact, with numerous "Other" versions of the tales. This comparative analysis combines various theoretical and analytical approaches to shed new light on the dialogue between the classic...
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Interactive or inactive? Whiteboards in the Luxembourgish EFL classroom

by Mandy Ann Lyons

Research aims and objectives (Objectifs de la recherche) In this day and age the computer and other information and communications technology (ICT) are very much present in our schools. Interactive whiteboards (IWBs) are simply the next step towards a more digitalized classroom. This research project therefore aims to answer two important questions: - Can IWBs respond to the needs and requirements of the Luxembourgish EFL classroom? and more significantly: - Do IWBs make teaching...
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Harry Potter and the World of Animals. The Role of Animals and Their Relationship to the Characters in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter Series

by Sandra Weidert

Ever since its beginnings, children’s literature has had a special affinity for animal stories, as these seem to lend themselves particularly well when it comes to igniting children’s imagination. The hugely successful Harry Potter series is no exception. Here too animals play an important part, and their influence on the plot and the characters is manifold. It is therefore surprising that so far relatively little has been written on the subject. The goal of this thesis is to...
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