Formulas & Menus

Restopolis understands the diversity of student and staff life. One day you need to grab a quick bite on the way to your course, the next day you want to enjoy lunch with friends or colleagues. That's why we offer different formulas wit different prices.

In trying to meet everyone's needs, we've created a wide variety of options that allow students and staff members to eat according to their lifestyle and schedule.

The common thread, of course, is that you will always enjoy fresh, healthy and tasty food served in an efficient and professional environment.

Formulas and Prices 2017
 Please note that prices may differ from prices in our secondary school restaurants!
 All prices apply for academic year 2015/16 according to "Arrêté ministériel" released on december, 2016.
with ID card
Campus Staff
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Guest visitors 
Formula 1
Starter + Main course + Desert
4,50 EUR 8,90 EUR 14,50 EUR
Formula 2
Starter + Main course or
Mains course + Desert
4,00 EUR 8,40 EUR 13,50 EUR
Formula 3
Main course for take away
3,50 EUR 7,90 EUR 12,50 EUR
Formula 4
Snack for take away
3,30 EUR 5,25 EUR 5,25 EUR
Supplement for Grill 1,00 EUR 1,00 EUR 1,00 EUR
Supplement for extra Starter 1,00 EUR 1,00 EUR 1,00 EUR
Supplement for extra Desert 1,00 EUR 1,00 EUR 1,00 EUR