Video: CQRS or CRUD: Modeling Enterprise Applications

Java Champion Sebastian Daschner discusses the Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) method for modeling enterprise applications, and how it compares to the create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) method, particularly with regard to event sourcing. Sebastian has been a very busy guy, having presented sessions at the Oracle Code events in New York, Toronto, and London, and even found time to record a 2 Minute Tech Tip on boosting your JavaEE productivity with Live Templates....
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Video: IoT: You're Not Paranoid Enough

Is your IoT-enabled toaster sharing information about your WiFi network? Is someone using that device you ask for weather reports to listen to your private conversations? Are you concerned about the security of IoT devices? Maybe you should be. The Internet of Things presents architect and developers with enormous opportunities for innovation, and it's well worth the time and effort to explore the various devices and possibilities. But as an architect or developer you need to be aware of...
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Microservces, Database, SOA Cloud: Most-Watched 2 Minute Tech Tips - May 1-7, 2017

Here they are -- the most-watched 2 Minute Tech Tip videos for the week of May 1-7, 2017. The oldest tip on this week's list is Oracle ACE Dan Atwood's BPM tip (#8) originally published in 2014. The newest tip on the list is Chris Saxon's look at new features in Oracle Database 12.2 (#3), published in February of this year. Chris once again earns the distinction of having two tips in this week's list, as does Oracle ACE Atul Kumar. And Atul's streak continues, as his tip on EBS integration...
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Video: The Moon, Jupiter, and Beyond: JavaFX and the Final Frontier

Software development isn't rocket science -- except when it is. Sean Phillips, principal software engineer with A.I. Solutions, based in Washington DC, has his head beyond the clouds in his work with NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Sean specializes in data visualization and data analysis using Java and Java-based technologies, including JavaFX. Sean and the A.I. Solutions team developed a tool called the Deep Space Trajectory Explorer, which is used to design trajectories for deep...
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