Local and sustainable

Sustainability is our concern!

Sustainable eating in all of its dimensions is a critical component of Restopolis’s environmental initiatives. The Restopolis team is a strong advocate of environmental and resource management.

Sustainable practices drive our purchasing decisions, menu development, and physical operations. We order from Luxembourgish producers, provide a wide range of daily vegetarian options, and prioritize recycling, reuse and waste watch.


Local, Fair Trade, and Organic

Approximately 30% of all food served is purchased from Luxembourg Producers and vendors within 100 km of the Belval campus.

Suppliers provide seasonal and locally grown fruits to the restaurants and retail outlets.


Healthy Variety and Choice

Restopolis provides a vegetarian option daily, in the restaurants and the retail outlets.

All menus are stamped with allergen identification labels.


We Love Food too Much to Waste it

At Restopolis we believe that food waste is avoidable and unnecessary.

The team makes food to order to avoid over-production and therefore, create less waste.