Summerschool A4

For the first time the EIDE and Miami University will offer a Summer school to our students, located in the beautiful and charming surroundings of the Chateau in Differdange.

The Miami students will be leading various activities, every day from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm.

Secondary: From the 15th to the 19th of July. Lunch will be available at the canteen of EIDE’s secondary building in Differdange. A barbecue at the Chateau for parents will be held on the 16th. Fees: 50€

Primary: From the 22nd to the 26th of July. Students have to sign up for SEA, lunch at the canteen and childcare services are available before and after summer school hours. A barbecue at the Chateau for parents will be held on the 25th. Fees: 50€

If you want to register your child, please complete the official registration form and send it to or leave it at the student secretaries' office.

Please note that places for the summer school are limited. Registration until June 15, 2019. For any further questions, please send an e-mail to


Pedagogical concept EIDE

Rencontre élèves-parents-tuteurs 2019

Students-parents-teachers' meeting 2019

École primaire site Differdange:

2, rue de la Montagne L-4630 Differdange

École secondaire site Differdange:

Campus de l'EIDE L-4573 Differdange


École primaire et secondaire site Esch s/Alzette:

91, rue Victor Hugo L-4141 Esch s/Alzette

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Offre scolaire 2019/20


Site Differdange

Site Esch s/Alzette

Section francophone

Section francophone   

Primaire 1+2+3+4,
Secondaire 1+2+3+4

Primaire 1 à 5,
Secondaire 1+2+3,
VP 1+2+3,

English Section   

English Section:

Primaire 1+2+3+4,
Secondaire 1+2+3+4

Primaire 1 à 5,
VP 1+2+3,

Deutschsprachige Sektion:

Deutschsprachige Sektion:


Secondaire 1+2+3,
VP 1+2+3 


Secrétariats – Heures d’ouverture

Contact :

Heures d’ouverture pendant les périodes scolaires :


 Lundi, mardi et jeudi 

 Mercredi et vendredi 










  • Adresse postale :
    École internationale de Differdange et Esch/A.
  • BP 7
  • L-4501 Differdange
  • Site Differdange:
École primaire
2, rue de la Montagne
L-4630 Differdange
Tél.: +352 265 367-570
École secondaire et siège
Campus de l'EIDE
L-4573 Differdange

           Tél.: +352 288 572 1


       Site Esch-sur-Alzette:

École secondaire et primaire
91, rue Victor Hugo
L-4141 Esch-sur-Alzette

           Tél.: +352 288 572 1

Secrétariat élèves primaire (pour les 2 sites):

+352  288 572 405

Secrétariat élèves secondaire (pour les 2 sites):

+352 288 572 205


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