Always in the mood for a good...Frupstut

Always in the mood for a good...Frupstut

Order your personal Frupstut lunch bag from May 4th, 2020

jeudi 23 avril 2020

Due to the health crisis and at request of the Ministry for Education, Childhood and Youth, all the Restopolis restaurants and cafeterias remain closed until further notice.

Although, Restopolis is committed to guaranty its guests a balanced diet, even during the Covid 19 crisis. For this reason, we serve from May 4th, 2020 our personalized Frupstut® lunch bag.

You can choose every day on our website or on the Restopolis application between the 3 menu options “Main course”, “Main course with starter or dessert” and “Starter, main course and dessert”. Our guest can define the content of the Frupstut®.

Like in all our restaurants, you can also choose between a non-vegetarian and a vegetarian option on our website and our application. You will find a large choice that varies every day of sandwiches and salads, starters like the Mini Bunny and desserts like the homemade Restopolis cakes or fruit of the season. You can also order some additional starters and desserts.

You have to order your lunch bag before 8.00 pm the day before. Every guest can also cancel his order before 8.00 pm.

The Frupstut® lunch bags for the pupils and students are delivered every morning between 9.30 am and 11.30 am on a table at the door of the classrooms. Lunch bags for the teachers and the staff of the schools are delivered by Restopolis or the school staff to a place defined by the school.

Every lunch bag that is not picked up before 1.30 pm by our guests is collected by Restopolis.

Pupils and students pay 3,60 Euro for a main course, 4,10 Euro for a main course with starter or dessert and 4,60 Euro for a main course with starter and dessert.

Teachers and staff members of the schools and of the University of Luxembourg pay 5,20 Euro for a main course, 6,20 Euro for a main course with starter or dessert and 7,20 Euro for a main course with a starter and a dessert.

Additional starters are available for 1 Euro. 

On May 4th, 2020 only the pupils of the graduating classes come back to school. During that week, Restopolis runs in the new Frupstut® and only offers you a limited range of meals. 

Every day a free bottle of Luxembourgish water (Option) and from time to time a little gift

Every guest that orders one of the 3 menu options gets a PET bottle of Luxembourgish mineral water for free (Option). In addition, you find every day in your Frupstut® cutlery (Option), a napkin and, from time to time, a little gift. On May 11th and May 18th, 2020 Restopolis offers you an Easter rabbit made of Fairtrade chocolate.

How to order my Frupstut® on

  1. Connect yourself to your account at the top on the right on
  2. Select “Menus”, then “Menu du jour »
  3. Select your restaurant
  4. Select the day you want to get a Frupstut® and then go to “Reservation”

How to order my Frupstut® on the Restopolis application?

  1. Go to “menu”
  2. Select your restaurant and go to “Add restaurant”
  3. Go to “Reservation” and select your meal
  4. Go to “Done” to confirm your order

Please charge your myCard during the Covid 19 crisis with a credit card or Digicash. If you order one of the 3 options or another product, the amount will be immediately debited from your myCard.


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