Welcome! We appreciate your interest in Restopolis-Services University Catering and look forward to providing you excellent locations and delicious food service to accommodate your meeting and event needs at the University of Luxembourg.

The chefs and event staff at Restopolis-Services University Catering have a passion for food and for serving the campus community. No matter what size your event is, Restopolis will provide delicious dishes with exceptional service. Different menu options are available to make the perfect arrangement for your event.

If you are still deciding where to have your event, consider the options below and check room availability and accommodations by proceeding to the respective calendars.

Location Building Accomodation
Restaurant de l'Université
- Restaurant principal
Restaurant de l'Université 146 seats
Restaurant de l'Université
-  Plateau (1er étage)
Restaurant de l'Université
60 seats
Restaurant de l'Université
- Salon des Hauts fourneaux
Restaurant de l'Université
30 seats
Restaurant de l'Université
- Terrasse
Restaurant de l'Université
90 seats
Brasserie des Sciences Humaines Maison des Sciences humaines 32 seats
Restaurant de l'Innovation
- Local A
Maison de l'Innovation 60 seats
Restaurant de l'Innovation
- Local B
Maison de l'Innovation 40 seats
Café du savoir Maison du savoir 500 (standing)
 Brasserie John's - Local Marilyn 29 JFK, Luxembourg-Kirchberg  20 seats 
 Brasserie John's - Local Jackie  29 JFK, Luxembourg-Kirchberg  40 seats

To schedule an event we kindly ask you to use our



  Restopolis Services
Service de la Restauration scolaire et universitaire
eduPôle - Walferdange
Route de Diekirch
L-7220 Walferdange
Adresse postale:
B.P. 98
L-7201 Bereldange
  Tél. (+352) 247 85163
  Fax: (+352) 26 20 02 95



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