Currently the TDE team consists of the
following people in alphabetical order:



History, Aims, Ambitions and Projects

The idea for the TDE initiative arose in 2011 from the desire of a number of teachers on the national curricular board for English in ES (CNP-ES) to improve the final school leaving exams.                                        

However, it was felt that before setting about such an ambitious undertaking, the people involved in the project should:

  • develop the necessary know-how to produce more professional language tests;
  • gain experience in developing such tests by working on tests that were lower stakes.

Josiane Weis, who was the chair of the CNP-ES at the time, prepared the grounds for the TDE initiative by working out an initial proposal for the project together with Keith Morrow, Lancaster University, the FOPED and the SCRIPT.

Keith Morrow works as an international consultant and is a specialist in the field of English language teaching and assessment.

Lancaster University is an institution which has a world-wide reputation for excellence in language testing and which has been involved in numerous language testing projects, including national test development projects in many countries and international test development and evaluation projects in English and other languages.

The current TDE team consists of 9 teachers with different backgrounds and experience. They are undergoing intensive training with Lancaster University as well as actually designing tests.

The TDE team have developed the 'épreuve commune 2012/2013' for English and are currently working on the second version of this test.